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Citifax Limited is an established electronics company based in Rochdale, Lancashire. We have been trading successfully for nearly 20 years, during which time we have built up an excellent reputation for product reliability and customer service. Our historic activity has been the design and supply of specialist Teletext decoders for use in the financial, broadcast and betting industries. Since UK broadcasters have switched over to Digital TV, our principal business is now the supply of analogue Teletext Inserters. These allow local Teletext services to be operated privately and are also useful in providing date and time information to legacy systems such as PAY TV in Hospitals, and Hotel systems which use Teletext time to operate TV alarm clock functions. Of course there are still many countries which have retained their Analogue Teletext systems, and Citifax inserters and decoders (mainly used now for compliance monitoring) are still available for export.

To support the inserters we offer a cost effective Teletext Editor program, called CitiEditor, running under Linux. If you have a specialist requirement please get in touch - we would be pleased to help.

UK LOCAL CALL RATE Tel: 0845 004 5969

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CTI-1000 Teletext Inserter & CitiEditor Software
CitiEditor is a proven Teletext Editor package which runs under Linux. It allows pages to be created or edited, and then serves them to the CTI-1000 Teletext Inserter, so providing a fully operational Teletext Transmission system. Featuring multiple language support, the editor package is available separately if required, or the CTI-1000 can be used with your own software. English, French, German, Italian, Czech and Slovak pages can be created with CitiEditor.