CF2000 External (RS-232) Teletext Decoder

The CF2000 is a compact robust unit accepting VHF/UHF Aerial or Cable TV input and connecting to a PC COM port or other serial devices. It decodes the Teletext information at the top of the TV Picture ( known as the Vertical Blanking Interval, or VBI) and passes any required data on to the host (typically a PC) at up to 38,400 Baud. (Factory default is 9600 Baud).

Detailed Information

Compact construction in Metal Case some 130 x 230 x 45 millimetres
PC-AT compatible 9-way 'D' connector. Straight 1:1 cable (supplied) to COM port
Decodes 'ordinary teletext' transmissions throughout Europe and elsewhere
Decodes Packet 31 to BBC Datacast type transmissions specification
External AC adaptor allows use in different countries with local approved PSU
Channels E21 to E69 standard tuning range (others to order)
Channel select and frequency select commands
Built in watchdog and non-volatile storage gives 'bounce back' resilience
Ideal for unattended remote operation in data critical applications
Uses latest Philips Multimedia Tuner for superb reception
CE Approved and certified compliant to Low Voltage Directive
LED indication of Sync and Data
Designed in the UK for continuous, reliable operation
Compatible with MULTICAST software by DBI

Very limited stocks now available. Contact us if you are interested in this product.